Monday, April 12, 2010

Good By My Friend Dadang...

Good by my friend dadang. That’s the title of my note this day. I just gotten bad news that from jesen. Exactly after Isya prayer. He passed away because sinking in pool. I don’t know where the pool is. All 83 members grieving this night.

I send enaught message to my friend specially to 83. Writing note in wall my FB and group 83 I did. I hope very much to 83 especially who stay in Jogja to accompany his corpse untill his home and I hope so amusing his family.

Dadang is nickname from Wijdan hasanuddin. He is alumni one generation with me but he is from Social Class XII IPS 2. I know he is a man who know anything about football. So not wrong, he study in Sport Faculty in Yogyakarta State University.

Now, He has just passed away. I just hope Our God forgive his sins and entering his into heaven.

I just can say ” Good By dadang…!”

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