Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Makrab Vs Grieving day

This day my best friend dadang is graved. I can’t go to his home. I just still he in bandung exactly in this campus ITB. Last night, Ozi asked me to go to alm dadang’s home. I refused with a reason ‘I will take mid exam or now is exam’s day’. I said this not in calmly but I always say in my heart that I have just made sin
This day, I walk studying normally. No quiz or task. Just studying at class and discussing islamic studies with Mr hari in veranda of Salman. In evening until night there is big event with other members of FMIPA ( faculty Of Mathematic And natural Science). The event is MAKRAB ( Night Of Solidarity).
I can do nothing with this event because I just a spectator not a committee. It’s held in Saraga’s Tunnel. Beside students of FMIPA, Senior from each department attend too. They give orration introducing their association or giving common speach. It felt boring. I don’t like it.
The main agenda this event is eating gathernessly and wathing videos from each class. There are 5 class here K01 until K05. The videos played randomly. My boring runs to high level. I then go home with keeping silent.
During this even I always remember Alm Dadang....

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