Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Young Entrepreneur Goris Mustaqim

Goris Mustaqim, 27 years old now is known as young entrepreneur in Indonesia. He has finished his study at Institut Teknologi Bandung in Civil Engineering. His entrepreneurship soul has been on fire since he studying here. After graduate from ITB he choose entrepreneurship as his work. He doesn’t want just becoming employee like most of his friends.

Goris is brief man. He firstly just know little about entrepreneurship but he go straight on. He’s not care. He in the first time ever useless fifty million dollars but he is still able to survive. When he was fresh graduate he with his six friends built company namely PT Resultan Nusantara that concern in RFID and smart card.
Goris with Obama

RFID is newest technology in Indonesia. Goris with the team go and back Jakarta Bandung for looking for donation and sponshorship. He’s not hopeless. He always motivated to be a better man. His first step eventually being success receive step above. His achievement very much like nomine Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneur and received President Barack Obama in White House as guest in presidential summit.
Now he has two office in BPPT building Jakarta and Surapati Core Bandung and he also lead Garut Young Association Asgar Muda.

Be your self and get what you dream !!!

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