Thursday, June 23, 2011

He looked so angry

Last night, there was exclaimed discussion between me and my lodge and course friends. The discussion is started with telling script of drama. But eventually, it opened out in hot topic ‘worship to God’. That’s topic is so burden. I didn’t know deeper but just a bit. Nevertheless, I tried to continue the discussion.

In the discussion, My response didn’t make my friends satisfied. They always ask and ask again until They felt tired. My answer was not good but I convinced them that if we had religion (islam), there is some duties that we have do as able as possible. But, they always reject . In the end, I said “ Because you now looked confused, there is a sign to reach the truth, so I believe that you all will taste how sweet this religion (islam) is”.

My roommate, Mr Anton from Malang, after discussion, He hang out with his friend (if not wrong Cobra). He had fun each other. I thought that He would have drunk. Yes, it’s right, He came back to the room at threes. I knew him, but I tried to sleep again. First, I was afraid that if killed me in the time, but after I believed that my last response was true, I was ready to die.

My suppose wasn’t proved. He just onlined and slept then. In my praying, I said to God “Give him hidayah to enjoy islam”.

Now, if I greet him by using English, his face looked angry with me, didn’t He ?

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