Friday, June 17, 2011

If I Have a Girl Friend

I fell so alone this night. I then think that If I have a girl friend how happy I am today. I can communicate with her deeply about anything like problems and vision of the future. I can tell her what’s way will I choose to realize my hopes and after that I motivate her to study more highly. I will describe what’s requirement should my wife’s candidate has. So, She can prepare well before marriage.

But, untill now I don’t have a girl friend. I am a closed people. I am now living in Pare Kediri. Here, I study English speaking and TOEFL. In a course, I just communicate with boys and very seldom communicate with women. After class, communication is closed except with lodging-mates.

So, is that caused by me whenever studying at Mu’allimin that all students are men?. Maybe, but now I have been studying at ITB Bandung for two years where there are no separation between men and women. Thus, what’s wrong with me?.

Listening story from my neighbour in Lodging that He ever had more than fifty girl friends  is very strange. He fells proud with his achievement now. After divorcing with his old darling, as soon he get new darling from a course. “I am a truly playboy”, He said.

Then, what’s way should I choose being single untill marriage or having a girl friend now ?. Looking for the perspective in the future, being single is better. Searching a girl friend indicates that I am a weak man. My knowledge is so low so is my faith. The best one is many women want me to be her boy friend because I am a perfect man that very suitable becomed a husband.

In the end, I proud of my status now “Being Single untill marriage”.  

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