Sunday, June 26, 2011

Need a friend But...

Yesterday, Someone talked to me that I was very individualism. I always read book and talk less with the friends, I just selected my choise. The human who said is Mrs. Iik. Some minutes after, I introspected my self and was disappointed. I had lower spirit than before. When most of passengers sang together, I just kept silent or tried to sleep. I forced to do that but I always can’t. I then followed the flow, but when I requested song ‘Darah Muda’, my sound was so low. I was loser.

Last night after taking a bath and praying, I connected to internet but I wasn’t peaceful. I then asked Mr. Jhon’wife to give me Mrs Iik number. I then wrote done in my mobile. My lodge-mate Syarif and Jadir and I hung out to around Pare. I looked for food to have dinner.  My choise was Ayam Goreng Singgahan. At the time, I told more with them. But. They couldn’t solve my loneliness.

I waited and waited Mrs Iik reply. Not as usual, at 10s I had slept. At the morning, She hadn’t reply yet but I consistently went to Canda Bhirawa Stadion. First, I jogged for five times round of yard. Second, I waited her for a minute.

She still didn’t seem, Read my original SMS below

Assalamualaikum. Mis Iik. Ini
nadhef. Ane g enak ama
omongan ente tadi. Ane mau
nglarifikasi . Hehe. Besok ane
mau bicara ama ente di stadion
canda bhirawa jam 7.00. Ok?   

I leaved stadion and went to BNI ATM center. After that looked for STMJ and stayed alone at Lodge. I waited my clasmarted including She. But all didn’t seem. I claimed that plan to go to cave ‘Surowono’ was canceled.

I don’t know her reason. My purpose is not to make dating but to clarifly.

May God forgives my faults and mistakes

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Uruqul Nadhif Dzakiy said...

Her handphone was broken,wuihhh