Monday, June 20, 2011

See Who She is

It’s not strange in facebook that every people can write down his status. The status must be single, in a relationship, in relationship with … and married. Most young people like me usually use in relationship with … as his or her status.

Now, most young people say that being single is ancient. I don’t know their truly reason. I just can assume one of the their reasons is achievement. Having girlfriend shows that he or she is sold out. He or She can love and be loved.

One, He or She must know. Who your darling is. Is the usual man like just beautiful or handsome one, or having many achievements and medals ?. I strongly sure that his or her couple must have been not different with him or her. If He or She is naughty, His or her couple will be naughty too, so if is kind.

Al-qur’an said that a good people will get married with a good one and a bad people will get married with a bad one.

Last, if you want to get married with the great woman, please see who you are !

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