Saturday, June 18, 2011

Staying Alone Here

Wherever I go, I always go alone. I ever gone to Banjarnegara, gone home, bought sell phone in BEC Bandung by alone. It’s because, my ambition in getting target is so big. So, my movement is so fast not like other people in common.

Here in Pare, I do too. Last morning, I take sport at Canda Bhirawa Stadion alone, Buying Cambridge TOEFL CD at Shop near by BEC alone and looking for eat-place alone (except with my lodge-mate but very seldom).

Now, I need a friend. A friend who can tell anymore with me. I miss my old friend in Mu’allimin and so does my brothers. It’s because with them I can tell anything clearly, no shy no humble. I remember when I had a dinner in Angkringan Mr. Suroso with Mukhlis (my best friend at Mu’allimin), I felt so happy and the problems looked disappear. I cought enjoy a day.

Now, the night of Saturday, should I spend this time to take a rest like dinner together with friends or hang out with them. But, now I just interact with netizens. They are people who use internet connection. The number is very much but not in reality. I think they can make me being amused and forgetting many problems.

But, from my deepest heart, I need a friend who can tell me much more about anything.

God, You are my truely friend…  

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