Sunday, June 19, 2011

Unemployment has decresed : Poverty is still high

Unemployment is one of main problems in our country. Many productive people can’t work so they be idlers then. Then can’t life prosperously and happily. Poverty is their treatment.

Unemployment causes criminalize increasing. So many thieves, punkers, beggars and crums caused by unemployment. Those disturb economic development in our country. They againt markets, broken shops and common facilities and others. They do that because they are so hungry, they need foods.

There are several reasons caused unemployment. First, the number of workers is higher than work place. Thousands people want to enter a company, but company just needs under one hundred. So, where will unpassed people go?. The choise is two; They look for job vacancy again or be idlers. Second, There are so many unskilled and uneducated workers here. Their job is unproductive and then decrease income of company. So, they are cut from the job and forced being idlers.

BPS said that Indonesia has been successful decreasing unemployment  in Indonesia. The number of idlers in februari 2011 is 8.12 millions, decreased 470 thousands people. In februari 2010 there was 8.59 millions idlers. This is achievement of our government. But, you know that our government used different threshold method with other developed countries like America and Europe. A man who is called a idler, if He work maximally 1 hour a day. United Nations said that method especially for growth country like Indonesia.

I have ten solutions to decrease employment in Indonesia.
1st . Changing about thinking paradigm that every one have different ability.
2nd. Government should rebuild transportation and communication in poor territory.
3rd. Government should build social institute to guarantee  idlers life.
4th. Government should simplify people or institution who want to invest modals in our county.
5th. Government should make relation between employment and environmental problems in the city.
6th. Government should develop job center institute.
7th. Indonesian Foreign Worker (TKI) should skilled people.
8th. Government should repair curriculums in our education.
9th. Government should minimalize termination of employment (PHK).
10th. Government should utilize our sea.

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