Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Becoming Someone

Last morning at the day, there was meeting with advisor lecture Mr Nana Nawawi Gaos. The agenda was giving advises and motivations and also  strategies to succed study at ITB of the lecture. Mr Nana is a kind lecture. He is very friendly and communicative. His age is old enough. Maybe for several times, He will be retired.

He talked so much until my friend near me Ardian Hartanto felt so boring. But, all his explanation are very helpful to me and my friends at common. I think he will not be so long, but the ending is delayed until approximately at 12 AM. The agenda started at 10 AM. In the end, He informed to attendants that Mr Jay, Mr Uruqul and Mrs Felicia must meet him after agenda. That was my first time to meet lecturer in crucial condition.

As you know guys, my grade is bad enough. I fall very deep from 2,88 to 2,00. My GPA now is 2.70. Mr Nana evaluated me and Jay only. Felicia can’t attend here. He asked why my grade was decreased. I then explained detailly enough to them. I didn’t talk so much like giving promise, convincing him by explaining the way or target and something like that. Last semester at the same situation, I convinced him just by talking not by doing. Now I want “TALK LESS DO MORE”.

Now, by always fell confident all days, I believe all my problems including academic will be solved well. If you think Allah will help you, He will. 

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