Friday, July 08, 2011

Last Night at Pare

There is beginning, there is ending. That proverb is common for us. I have been at Pare for a month since June 9th 2011. My uncle Gunawan brought me here by motorcycle. I was so confused choosing what’s comfort course should I take. I don’t know so much about Pare. Furkon told me before that to join 22nd course as my partner in studying English. I try little to look for it but I never found until now.

Studying at Harvard

HEC owner, a Mr Gunawan friend, ordered me to choose Harvard as my course place. I took all provided-programs. There were three programs. One for grammar and two for speaking. In first time, I was very motivated and ambitious to learn English in Harvard. But, After I knew Mahesa as my next destination and tried in grammar first class that was very basic, I just took speaking 2 as my mayor at Harvard. Said, Nawang, Isna, Yanto, Gani, Pandu, Susilo, Mr. Arif, Riva’I, Atik, Edi and Habibie were my classmates here. Time by time, my spirit went down after Mr Jhon was substituted permanently with Mrs Nurul. Mr Jhon was very funny when He taught me speaking or story. He always touched men’s hair and illustrated matters with vulgar example that just especially for adult.

TOEFL in Mahesa

Here was time to learn English seriously. The matters just belonged to intellectual and ability of English especially in reading, listening and analyzing grammar and structure. That was difficult enaught. As you know, There were seven tests that we must do. The test was about prediction in TOEFL test that was taken from Barron’s TOEFL. My score was not too good. My higest score was 497 that too far with my target was 550. But I think, my score will increase in next time. Here was a trager to reach the target.

My weakness is in reading and listening. But reading is the worse. Day by day my reading ability was decresing. I couldn’t concentrate more again in reading text. As addition, I entered listening and reading class in Oxford but it helped me little. In the last program at Oxford, I was dissappoint with the teacher Mr. Haris. His attitude was bad and his respect was low. Whenever He joked, I couldn’t laught. It’s means that He was jayus.

Secondary Speaking at Oxford

This class was the best. I could express my skill more here. No shy and nervous when I practiced my English. The teacher here was Mr Andi. His age is same with me but I was older than him. He taught me sistematicly. There were planning of matters each day. The matters like as prelimentary debate, public speaking, games and oration were very interesting.  This method was much better than that of Harvard. This class was happy forever and crowded. My friends here were Asa, Arif, Inna, Ira, Lukman (out), Firman and Asdar.
As you know, from this class, I ever had first champion in quiz and my last score was highest. The important one is I can speak English bravely without hesitateness and nervousness.

The most  crucial problem

I studied here just alone. No friends accompanied me telling anything every day (soulmate). I was just silent  especially in holiday ; Saturday and Sunday. My egoism was still high . After class, I usually went home directly. No communication more between me and friends. In the first week here, I ever debated with Anton cs about worship to God Allah SWT. My arguments were debatable. They were not satisfied. I answered their questions as can as possible.

Output from Pare

I believe that my English ability is better than before. The next way is I have to keep my spirit interacting with English. Maybe with reading English literature, listening music or TOEFL test and opening grammar book. My duty in Bandung next is teaching and empowering English skill from my dormitory-mates. It’s possible to apply English debate method, critical thinking from latest issues and memorizing the newest vocabs. But, the real is practicing English in hostel every day.

I believe that in the next time I will go to the truly Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and Brisbane. Dreaming until the end of life.   

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