Sunday, July 03, 2011

There is a sign

When my younger lodge-mates said to me that my couple is Mrs Iik, She looked very different than before. When I sent SMS to her, She replied so fast and with strange language. When I met her, her face seemed so shy and so focus to concentrate with my advice and explanation.

I don’t now with her heart but I just assumed that She loved me. I don’t care about that. Telling about her, She not too beautiful but She is confident. She is easy talking and communicating. Her knowledge about English is not too poor but still needs improvement more and more. She is not familiar with internet, world wide and Indonesia.  Maybe, her hometown, Balikpapan, causes her not to interact deeply with outside and technology.

She is adventurer. I believe. I can now from her attitude and style that so attractive and brave. She always look struggle and so far from hopeless.

If I face her in one table, I just wanna to motivate her to be better. I don’t want She will be my girl friend or other. I hope She can continue her study and can find her biggest dream. She is older than me for several months.

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