Tuesday, September 01, 2015

My Random Writings

Random walk, which one you choose ? (source myweb.ttu.edu)

(1st September) Several hours ago, I watched 'Einstein and Eddington'. Here, I won't tell you about whole story of this film but I just share what lesson will you get after watching this film.

In my LINE status, I said 'Einstein without Eddington would be no one'. Yes, Einstain with his theory of relativity created breakthough in science. As we know together that, Newton was symbol of science until in begining of 20th century.

(2nd September) Not about Einstein again that I will discuss, I just wanna to show to you about my condition right now that switch to be good after reading several books. Yes, I love reading and also writing. If I don't do both of them, I fell 'galau' during whole days. For example, I was affraid of people especially women or men whose aurora to be respected. I eventually was inlander. Orange books given by Mr. Hendra Gunawan and brief story from Pram's novel are books that I read. Now, I start working with read a paper and also presentation from my lecturer, Mr. Indra Budiman Syamwil. Hopefully, today I can write one letter.

(3rd) I know the key to do anything well is to thank to God, The Creator of Universe. To be closely with God's light sometimes making trouble in certain activities, but I think it's just process. If you make it as your habitual, you can easy to work, study, and anything. Everybody has ambition especially young man like me. Only way to control the ambition is to praise to God. Yes, begin with bismillah, and end with alhamdulillah.

(5th) Last night, my mom called me. She cried because of me. I said to her about my plan that wanna to get married soon. She refused my plan because my older sister has not married yet. Then I said to my mom 'I am trying to follow your advise and wanna to make you happy' via SMS last morning. I am not stubborn son that force the quick plan happen. My father said in telephone, "I suggest you to get married at 28 years old like your dad". One thing I got from my father's mind was everything must be think twice, no random planning. Life must be planned. Furthermore, every body must be unique, has competency. I pray to Allah, The Creator of Universe, for my mom and dad. Thanks for giving me parent like both of them.

(6th) I am salute to Dahlan Iskan who is stubborn with his crazy idea about electric car. He hates chairman of BPPT very much because of his pesimistic in developing electric car in Indonesia. Dahlan worried that Indonesia in back of others countries again in this cases. Now, many countries compete to comersialize this car. I commite to create breaktrough for future Indonesia, bismillah.

(9th) Two days ago, I had full of homeworks from thesis to weekly Pak Tasrif's task. They made my body looked tired and sleepy. Even I had lack of spirit in that day, I was happy. I could lunch together with AKS team after celebrating Ojan's graduation. My friend, Tami, will take test for sidang in 28th, She wanted me join the agenda. My list was added with many homeworks. Next week, I will go Jogja to join a conference held by LIPI. The fund and administration related are overtaked by Mas Hanif. I must prepare for slide.

(15th) Eventually I went to Jogja to join the conference held by LIPI. I am scheduled as speaker in this day. Several minutes ago, I arrived in station Lempuyangan. Now, I am writing near by center of free-charging. I need electricity to generate my notebook and also my phone. Not so different Jogja now and several month ago when I landed in this station. Two days later will be very busy I think. Looking for the schedule, there will be no free time. All days will filled by presentation. In thusday, the event will be relaxing in Borobudur and Prambanan, but I cancel joining  that agenda because of there are two lectures in that day. I will back to Bandung in wednesday's night, Hopefully,my agenda in Jogja will be successfull. O ya, I enjoy with my style right now - I am look like traveller with laptop, daypack, jeans, mountain blouse, and also book and then coffee.

(17th) Before fajr, I arrived in Kiaracondong stasion then moved to the indekost. After praying subuh, I slept till noon. I have full of homework including exam for Prof. Widyo's lecture. I am still in depressing after being failed doing my plans in Yogyakarta. But, I rethink again and force my self to go straight on doing everyhing that must be done right now. Praising to God is only best solution. Believe you can !


23rd I imagine that someday, in the morning, everybody reads my opinions in paper-national media. In the texts, I talk about development, especially about ocean development. In the days, I smile because many people appreciate and reject my ideas. Then discussion happen and I am invited. This dialogue happen so often from one campus to another campus, from one community to another community. For the content of the texts, I got from textbooks (knowledge) and also experience. I want someday, I create business that to empower coastal societies especially.

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