Wednesday, March 07, 2018

My Interest in Research

An Introduction

Yesterday, I met with my thesis supervisor then talking about the problems I had during working. Even I had graduated since last year but I still interacted with him, maybe because my work is in one almamater even with different faculty. I said to him that I have several ideas to make some improvements for the environment where I work for. He then suggested to me to stay patience, working in normal ways with stay focus on the dreams I struggle for. I must have big picture as direction of life. By having that, we can stay independent and to be respected.

The Things I concern

Since studying at ITB, I have been interested about many things like I list below :
  • Politics and economy, even I studied mathematics I spent more time to learn these field in my organization. 
  • Education, I had big question in past time, "Why our country can not be welfare state even there are many experts we have ?, It must be some thing wrong with our education system".
  • Maritime, 2/3 of our territory is sea, why our mindset not to concern with it ? why we always say about land ?
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship, why business school in my campus has no strong business-collaboration with faculty of science and engineering ? I suppose that graduate of the school are not prepared to be tech-based entrepreneur. 
  • Innovation system, during being consultant team member with an Electrical Engineering lecturer and doing a project proposing appropriate policy facing digital economy era, I think there is some crucial problems in our country like there is no togetherness between departement that talk about something similar for example IoT roadmap. From this, I imagine that some day I can suggest a thought about the way to integrate all of stakeholders through proper innovation system.
  • Management, it is wide field. For me the spirit of management is to improve something to be better actually. Nowadays, my research field is in human resource. I want some day, finding specific fied of management so I can contribute in the lecture.
  • Data management, before knowing that term, the first time I heard is about Social Network Analysis (SNA), phyton, R, big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Mechine Learning (ML), and data science. These are very technical. As graduate from mathematics, I feel put in charge in those field. Nowadays, my working is related to public information, relatively close with data management that use several techniques like I point before.
  •  Art, culture, and humanity. These fields are very important to succeed creating knowledge society, a society that use knowledge mindset in daily life. In according to create innovation milieu, the way to reach it must be related to those field. I still discuss with the people who concern with them.
  • System and Design Thinking, complexity of the problem can be solved by that way. 
 Building Big Picture

I try to syntesize my interests above by building framework like I picture below :
 I place my concerns to achieve technological state, a state that use technology as driver of economic growth and political independence. One important requirement is how technology can be understood by people not merely about products but also way of thinking (mindset) so it closely grow with art and culture. It also can answer problems of humanity. I believe that technological mindset can be achived only by designing proper innovation system, a system that calculate every single stakeholders like politicians, academicians, bussinesman, artists, etc. In micro level, every single part of stakeholder must do in the right job, so they must understand business process. They must understand the principal of good governance (this is part of management domain). In micro level (hard skill), we must understand clearly about problem. I suggest system and design thinking as a way to overcome the the problem and solve it with the proper solution.

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